My Essential Oil Journey


My mom is a Young Livings queen. Seriously, she knows everything. I watched her start her health journey in 2013 when her high blood pressure was threatening her life and she knew she had to make changes.

I watched her learn the ropes of veganism healing her body with food, natural medicine and then as she discovered the supporting benefits of essential oils. And I watched as she took less and less midnight trips to the ER, woke up fewer and fewer times with a pounding heart and cold sweats, felt more and more physically and hormonally supported each and every day.

Her knowledge turned into a passion and she began helping other people and seeing other people's lives changed! I was so inspired! But still, I liked to watch allll of these amazing things happen from the sidelines.

It's safe on the sidelines. 

I was so intimidated to learn all the things involved in a healthy lifestyle and also felt scared to discover just how in the dark I was about the negative effects of the food and products I used every day.

Even with my mom's incredible knowledge and her consistently giving me oils and me consistently using them and loving them, I didn't feel confident sharing them with anyone else.

I was scared that I didn't have enough time to learn and wasn't "crunchy" enough for it. 

But my mind started changing. Maybe it's my age, this is the first year I've literally forgotten how old I was and when asked the question, I looked around to ask my husband if he knew. But I am noticing changes in my body. I started getting gingivitis even though up until now my dental health has been one of my prized accomplishments. And I started noticing that I wasn't bouncing back from sickness like I used to

I was also dealing with a hormone imbalance that left me absolutely exhausted a week at a time and I remembered when I had the baby blues after both of my girls, my mom gave me this essential oil cream that was my saving grace. I would literally cry my way to the bathroom to rub this salve on my arms and I would start feeling like a normal person again.

I started using it again to help with the imbalance and sure enough, it has been such an incredible support.

I also started thinking about my babies and the products I used on their precious bodies and household cleaners I used around them. My mom gave me a Thieves cleaner for Christmas and I started using it on EVERYTHING and loved it, every person who came over complimented me on the smell, and I didn't have to worry about cleaning the surfaces of my kitchen after I'd "cleaned" them with toxic chemicals so it'd be safe for food.

That one cleaner replaced THREE different cleaners I had been purchasing from the store. 

I love sharing about Young Living essential oils, vitamins, and cleaners and I am so excited to see how it will benefit other people's lives too! You don't need to be crunchy, you can just be a normal mama looking for healthier alternatives to everyday items you and your babies use. I know you will benefit. I'm positive it will improve your life. 

And I'm so excited for you to join this health journey with me!