How to Connect with God During the Busy Days


Wake up. Feel Anxious. Drink coffee. Feel more anxious. Run out the door. Feel InCrEaSinGlY Anxious! LATE LATE LATE. ANXIETY OVERLOAD.

MAN, why do some days feel so busy and overloaded??

It's crazy, but the very thing we usually get rid of first on stressful days is connecting with God! And if God is our peace, our joy, our love, then it makes sense that we get to the end of the day feeling like big giant frazzled freaks. 

That's why it's SO important to stay intentional about connecting with God ESPECIALLYduring the busy days.

I've thought up 8 different ways, 8 tips if you will, on how to do just that and I think it will be super helpful and fun to watch too!

1. Put Worship Music on First Thing Every Morning

Before you leave your bed! Find a Spotify playlist you love and set the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Put Your Bible Where You’ll See It

To create a habit, we’ve got to make it super simple and obvious. Try habit stacking, find a habit you’re already doing in the morning and put the Bible next to it.

For example: If you wash your face every morning, put the Bible by the sink!

3. Plan Out Your Quiet Time

It makes it easier to dive right in during those few minutes in the morning when you already have a plan ready to go. Try using a YouVersion bible app plan.

4. Put Timers on Your Phone to Remember to Pray

Use the clock app on your phone, go to the alarm section, add an alarm for every couple of hours and label it “remember to pray”, , “remember God”, etc.

5. Put Scripture Where You’ll See It

Write scripture verses on sticky notes, cards, print outs, and hang it on mirrors, doors, dashboards. When we keep the word around us it will fill us up during the day.

6. Wear Something That Reminds You of God

A bracelet, a ring, a tattoo. A practical way to stay mindful of him when you see that object.

7. Have an Accountability Partner

Find someone who also wants to grow spiritually in this area and check in with each other. This also works great because you’re wanting to give encouragement to someone else and are more inspired to stay connected to God.

8. Have a Spiritual Growth Book to Read at Night

Find a book, an author, that really excites you so you're pumped to dive in at the end of the night instead of wasting time on Netflix or Instagram. This also sets the tone for the next day.


Use these tips to stay connected to God during the busy days and always remember that there is grace! So much grace!

It’s not about doing this perfectly, but just remembering where our source is. That Jesus gives us joy and peace and when we turn to him, even the craziest days can be filled with His presence.

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Here are some practical tips to stay intentional about your connection with God during the busy days. When you're connected with God, you have access to so much peace and joy even when things get crazy around you. #spiritualgrowth #intentionalliving #slowliving #christian