How to Create a Daily Rhythm You Love and Put an End to the Chaos


Are you on your fifth day wearing the same pair of underwear?

Are your children eating goldfish off the pantry floor for lunch?

Do you not know what day it is and what that goo is in your daughter's hair?

You, my friend, have entered "The Frump." Yes, The Frump is a time warp zone after your schedule has been thrown all out of wack from vacations, holidays, babies, sickness, or what have you, and you're now in straight up chaos!

The Frump comes upon us all from time to time and the way to get out of the chaos is by simply creating a new daily rhythm and that is simpler than you think. So what is a daily rhythm?

A daily rhythm is a routine that gives your day structure, direction, and flow.

When you have this rhythm in place, it helps you eliminate decision fatigue by planning ahead so you don't feel like you're forgetting something every second of the day. And it helps you make time for what matters by assessing what’s important and not just urgent.

So how do you create daily rhythm you love?

1. Prepare Your Spirit

We’re craving peace from the chaos, but if we don’t go to Jesus for that first, routines will become our "mini saviors" and they’ll fail to give us the peace we’re really looking for. 

And on the flip side, if we’re more reluctant to add organization to our lives, Jesus is the grace we need to do all things. Like John 15:4 says, abide in Jesus because apart from Him you can do nothing, but with Him all things are possible. 

So to prepare our spirits, we can:

a. Pray - talk to God about your day, your stress, your goals. And ask for His help! If you're not even sure what to say, feel free to download this prayer guide made with busy mamas in mind.

b. Worship - Listen to some faith building music that gets your heart in the right place.

c. Scripture - There are tons of lists of Bible verses out there for anxiety, direction, wisdom. Get in the word for perspective!

2. Prepare Your Body

Your body’s rhythm is all thrown off cause without a plan I guarantee cake became one of your main food groups and you’ve probably been up 'till the crack of dawn watching Netflix.

So here's how to get your body back on track gently:

a. Hydrate - start drinking lemon water first thing in the morning before your coffee

b. Move - even a walk around the block helps

c. Bed time - go to bed earlier, but I’d recommend starting in small increments like 15-30 minutes at a time.

d. Self care - Get a manicure, haircut, something to help you feel cute cause you’ve been bumming it for days.

3. Prepare Your Surroundings

Laundry mountain. Dish ocean. Toy island. Having a cluttered house gives you a cluttered mind. Straightening up just a bit before starting a new routine is going to help you get into the right mindset and not be so disheveled feeling.

a. Straighten up - this is not a deep clean, just putting stuff away! Try bringing a bag with you for things you want to donate too.

b. Make your bed - just try it if you haven't, I guarantee it will feel so good to start off with a win.

c. Set your clothes out the night before - again, start off with a win!

4. Prepare Your Priorities

Deciding what you want the day to look like is important when you’re making your routine. I love doing this part after I’ve done #1 so I can hear God’s voice in what he wants my priorities to be too.

a. Block it out - I like to divide my day into three chunks - morning/afternoon/night - and categorizing my to-do items accordingly.

b. Identity top 3 wins - Decide what your top 3 wins for the day are. Think about your appointments first, then important things you want to accomplish, and THEN urgent things you have to accomplish.

Quick Note: When you're starting out with a schedule, simple is best. Don't over do it with detailed timelines or too many to do's. You want this to be something you can stick to!

c. Write it down - actually get it out of your head and onto paper or a digital form. I love this Corie Clark Purposeful plannerthe Trello app, and iCal for this.


Chaos Conquered with Your Daily Rhythm

Now you're on your way to creating a daily rhythm you love! This flow can change with the seasons of life and bring a little more calm to the chaos of your day and your mind.

So use this as a guide and ask God to help you prepare for your days so you can accomplish the things He has for you! He’s got you, so you’ve got this! 

What about you? Are there any tricks and tips you have to starting a new routine?