4 Roadblocks Keeping You from Living with Vision

Having a life vision is having a clearly defined goal or path to take action towards every day.

Life vision gives you mental clarity to navigate decisions and make progress towards the right goals - goals that actually matter to you.

When you feel stuck in life, it’s often because you’ve hit a roadblock. There are a lot of different road blocks, but four major ones that come up over and over.

Once we know what these roadblocks, we can take action towards moving around them and getting back on with our journey.

1. A Lack of Role Models and Mentors

So much more is caught than taught and when we don’t have people around us who are living with purpose and intention, we often don’t think it’s possible.

We can’t become what we haven’t seen.

Cycles of disfunction we’ve been apart of our whole lives like broken families, debt, negative mindsets have become our normal. We have to see a new normal in order to believe it’s possible and model the mindsets and systems that will get us there.

Now more than ever we can be in closer proximity to people who inspire us and who we want to become like.

Add some people to your life virtually, read their books, follow their stories. Find people in your workplace, church, school, moms group that you want to become more like and ask them out for coffee, ask them questions, listen and write it down. 

2. A Fixed Mindset

When we have a fixed mindset, we believe what we were born with is what we will always have. “I’m just an anxious person”, “I don’t have a vision mindset”, “I’m a lazy person”.

A growth mindset is a gospel mindset. It’s believing that we can change, we can grow, we can be transformed by the rewinding of our mind and become different people.

The limits you have now are not going to be your limits forever.

You can push through pain and come out on the other side with more tools, knowledge and capability to get through things than ever before.

3. A Scarcity Mindset

This is the insidious belief that there are limited resources and if someone else is having success in their life, it is less possible for you to have the same success.

We know this is illogical and we need to learn to flip the narrative.

Instead of saying “So-and-so is succeeding, I’m so jealous! They took my place and now there’s less room for me!” learn to say “ Wow, they’re achieving a dream of mine, that means its a possibility for me! I’m so excited they’re experiencing that and I want people to be happy for me when I experience that too.”

If the God that is for you, who created you, owns everything, why is He not going to go give you the resources you need to achieve your purpose on earth?

Why won’t he open the doors you need opened? He’s so gracious and generous we don’t have to worry about a thing.

4. Complacency

Complacency accepts the prisons we’ve created for ourselves. It’s rooted in the belief that it’s too difficult to change, it’s not worth the effort or conflict.

We eliminate the desires for change, for growth, for dreams so that we don’t feel the uncomfortable gap between where we are now and where we want to be.

Killing off our dreams and our drive with complacency will rob us of the life we’re created for. We don’t want to get to the end of our days and realize we wasted all our time being comfortable and didn’t actually LIVE.

Putting off what you know you need to do today to tomorrow is self sabotage. You’re either going to have pain today or pain tomorrow. Today is the day to snap out of complacency and take the next right step.


There’s no better time than now to stop camping out at our roadblocks. The turning point could be today! A year from now you could be living with more intention, purpose, clarity and fulfillment than you ever dreamed possible.

Have you seen these roadblocks in your own life? How did you overcome them?

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