How to Make Your Dreams a Reality


If you're like me, you've probably watched people go after their dreams with this confidence and ambition that inspires you and scares you. And you've decided that these people are a different specimen of human being than you, right?

They have an innately built in "go-getter" mindset and must have magically been given all the tools, information, and talent to pursue their calling. If only you had been born with their skills and attitude, you could succeed too.

WRONG! The only thing separating you from the entrepreneur, leader, author, mother, blogger whom you admire/want to be is a single decision. 

The decision to just start.

The brain is wired to look for the tiger. It is constantly on the search for anything that would threaten your life or risk your well being. And it does an incredible job! You are alive today mainly because your brain is a scardey cat. 

The brain looks at trying something we've never done before as a RISK TO OUR VERY LIVES. And it wants to protect us from the doom that surely awaits us on the other side! But we're logical people, right? And we know that stepping out and making a YouTube video is not the same thing as stepping into a tiger exhibit at the zoo to make a new friend.

In fact, trying something new is the only way we learn and grow. It isn't a risk to our lives, but the best way to live our lives. So we've got to be smarter than our brains.

The secret is this: You will learn as you go.

The next time you see that person you admire, remember that they started small and crappy. They felt out of their comfort zone, weird, and stupid at times. But they just kept going. And every roadblock they encountered, they figured out a way around it. Every question they had, they figured out the answer. They got better and better and learned in the process.

So instead of feeling inferior and terrified, tell yourself this: I don't have to know all the answers yet. I will learn as I go. I am one decision away from starting the journey.

And the last thought is this, 

You are going to need a support system. 

You cannot do this on your own! You need a tribe of people who will encourage you, inspire you, speak life over you and believe in your dreams too. You need people who are taking risks and showing up in their lives.


So that's it! Plain and simple! Just start chasing your dreams. I know beautiful things are ahead

If the thought of trying something new triggers shame and insecurity, I understand. I wrote this post on how to end the cycle of insecurity. But it is a process, friend. I believe there is more for you than playing small and listening to the lies.

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