Treasures in the Trash


I have a purse I bought from Goodwill that I use almost every day. I found it in a cluttered mess and loved the camel leather color and crossbody strap, it was perfect. And perfect came at the price of $7, even better! 

It wasn't until a while later that I noticed a little key attached to the purse and realized this was Fossil! A Fossil purse for $7, ummm YES! 

I went home and researched the bag and found the exact one selling for $100.

Some people make a business of this, going into thrift shops and finding the treasures. You have to know what you're looking for otherwise you'll end up with a bunch of grandma doilies and knock offs. I've heard of other Goodwill stories, like a man finding a diamond ring in a jacket pocket, or the deed to a house in an old chest. People find these incredibly valuable things that were simply abandoned, forgotten. 

Something about that resonates with me. Finding treasure in trash. Maybe because that's what God did with me. I have been labeled many things, unwanted, used. I have been discarded and not seen for who I truly am. Maybe you've experienced some of this too. But God knows exactly what He's looking for. 

He's looking for His lost ones, and heaven only knows the length He will go to get us back. And even if the world thinks I'm of low value, the Sculptor sets the price of the sculpted, the Potter gives his created its value. 

And the value God gave to me is what He paid to save me from the cluttered aisles of the forgotten: Himself. He paid with His own life. If you checked an item out at the store and the clerk said, "Um, okay that will be...well, your life. Sign on the dotted line", I'm pretty sure you'd run out of there screaming because NOTHING is worth the price of our lives. But that's exactly what God thinks you are worth. 

Let this truth make its way into the deepest parts of your heart. Let it illuminate all the lies running rampant in your head of how you've got to show up better in the world to be lovable. You are worthy of what God decided to pay: the life of His own Son. 

You are His treasure in the trash, the one he found and gave everything for.

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